A creative company specialising in graphic design, illustration and website design in Kent.

I’m Jim Fowle,  A Kent based graphic designer, illustrator and web designer.

I work on a broad range of projects for clients in many industries, from local to prestigious companies such as BBC, ITV Productions, Disney, Nickelodeon, Warner Brothers, Lucas Films, Hasbro toys and Winning Moves which includes one of my childhood favourites Top Trumps.

I am a highly motivated and highly creative designer who has produced professionally in both a private and studio based capacity. With over 20 years experience including working for various influential agencies constantly investigating the boundaries between analogue and digital design, but staying true to my developing style, providing design services including branding, print, game, web and package design throughout the UK and internationally, from small start ups to blue chip clients.

I have a growing passion to improve and push my boundaries in design nurturing my skills to produce work that is visually distinctive. Whilst remaining commercially successful I am also influenced by my love of all things VW, food and my old passion for skateboarding and music.

I strive to produce designs that will enhance the look of your brand, printed material or online material helping to create and communicate a clear, compelling messages, combining design and development with hands-on practical experience.

My methodology is simple, building a strong relationship from the start!

I have a personable appearance, a cheerful and friendly personality and have successfully conducted face-to-face consultations and presentations with clients. I am always trying to extend my creative and design skills, and would therefore be very interested in working for your company, where I am sure that my skills would rapidly establish me as a very useful member of your creative team.


My business methodology is simple, building a strong relationship with our clients from the start! We have created a studio environment that is a small but cosy creative area; this is the main point of collaboration, inspiration and all round good banta!

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